Kerns Nursery and Bower & Branch

Kerns Nursery and Bower & Branch are bringing the enjoyment of trees back into your life! As your tree experts, we’re proud to bring Bower & Branch trees to the Mountain Top area.




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Planting a tree not only increases your property value and makes you healthier, it’s also
celebration of life! Finding the right tree for you and your property will save you time and energy,
and improve your quality of life in ways that you may never have thought of!

You’ll findBower & Branchtrees in our garden center, but you’ll find many more online, on our online tree store. When you buy a tree online, the tree arrives at Kerns Nursery within 7 days, where you can pick it up.

Three Year Guarantee

With our online tree store, we’re able to offer you all the benefits of trees, with none of the
typical downsides. With Bower & Branch, the trees arrive fresh and healthy, from the grower to
your yard, with a Three Year Guarantee.

As your tree experts, Kerns Nursery is qualified to handle, plant, deliver and care for all
Bower & Branch products, in support of the Three­Year Guarantee.
There are three simple steps to get the benefits of the Three­Year Guarantee.

1. Register your tree at­trees
2. Use Bower & Branch Elements at time of planting
3. Water your tree with the Bower & Branch Water Elements

Delivery & Services
We also offer delivery and planting services, available online. When completing your purchase,
you’ll have the opportunity to choose to pick up the tree at Kerns Nursey or to have the
tree delivered to your yard or planted in your landscape.

Delivery Service Levels

Level 1 Delivery: Trees are delivered within 14 business days.

Level 2 Delivery: Trees are delivered within 7 business days.

Level 3 Delivery: Trees are delivered within 3 business days.


As your local tree expert, we’re proud to recommend Bower & Branch Elements.Elements is the
perfect product to support ALL plants, with the perfect blend of microbes and nutrients to
support naturally occurring systems in the soil, and enhance communication between the soil
and your plants.

Elements is safe and easy to use. You won’t burn or harm your plants. With a product like this,
even a novice can’t do it wrong. This product is non­toxic and chemical free!

With the Elements Watering System roots respond to proper watering at the right time and in
the right amount. Bower & Branch Water Element induces root growth desired quickly by
providing proper water availability during the crucial planting period.

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