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On a quiet back road in the tiny town of Jewett, located between the towns of Windham and Hunter, you will find an extraordinary place called Kerns Nursery.  For anyone who is an avid gardener, or just someone who just appreciates the beauty of flowers, a stop at this nursery will surprise you and will keep you coming back for more.



The Nursery started in 1987, but the Kerns’ have been involved in landscaping for over 30 years.  Pat says “When we started the nursery we were so small it was ridiculously funny, and being off the main roads didn’t help, but as word of mouth spread our business has continually gotten bigger and bigger.  We now have a large and very unique nursery, where the environment you shop in is like a well cared for garden – not a supermarket.  More than that, we are a nursery for gardeners because the plant selection we offer makes it worth coming from a good distance away. 

Prior to owning a nursery, I would have traveled to a place like this myself.   We have regular customers from places like Albany, Cooperstown, Rhinebeck and Woodstock.   Many second home owners buy not only for their Mt. Top house, but bring plants  to their main residence down state New York as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania not to mention many summer tourists that pass by every year or so from all over the country.  It’s very inviting here.  Beyond the typical expectations you normally find while plant shopping, here you’ll find the pleasant environment captivating and the help attentive and knowledgeable.

We feature over 500 varieties of perennials and just about that many bedding plants and specialty annuals. Our labeling system is clear and informative.  We also grow and sell roses, herbs, vegetables, hanging and potted baskets, trees, shrubs and more.  Gardening supplies such as soils, mulch, pottery, etc are also available.
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Our landscaping service creates home landscapes for new homes or old.  We can landscape your living area to suit your needs and come up with complete plans to accomplish these goals.   We offer a range of solutions:  shade & woodland gardens, rock gardens, garden borders, herb gardens, tree & shrub plantings (if you need to block out unsightly neighbors), a range of walkways and footpath systems, and much more

We have built many of the best gardens and landscapes on the Catskills Mountaintop and this year we are building more.  Click to see several of our projects, large, medium and small.  



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