Our Nursery

The Nursery started in 1987, the Kerns have been at it way over 30 years.  Pat says “When we started the nursery we were so small it was ridiculously funny, and being off the main roads didn’t help, but as word of mouth spread our business has continually gotten bigger and bigger.  In 2022, we now have a large and very unique nursery, where the environment you shop in is like a well cared for garden – not a supermarket.  More than that, we are a nursery for gardeners because the plant selection we offer makes it worth coming from a good distance away".

2022 season:  655 Perennial plants

2022 season:  140 Vegetables, including many Tomatoes

2022 season:   41 Herbs

2022 season:  616 Annual plants 

There are extended hours on Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June


The Shop

The Shop at Kerns Nursery

Our shop covers a variety  of spaces, buildings, and seasons and includes an array of items.

First Kerns offers all the tools of the trade that helps you attain great results in landscaping, gardening, and most every situation involving living plants in home or business requirement.  You will find hand tools, mulches, soils, chemicals and fertilizers. And the employees can help guide you on all the elements needed to be successful with your project. The investment of an annual pot al the way up to a handsome specimen tree  require all the right elements to achieve a healthy, long lasting result.

Included here Kerns can also arrange delivery of bulk soil and mulches for the jobs that may entail larger quantities.





The annual flower collection at Kerns nursery is quite extensive.  It is basically divided into three categories:

First we grow all the bedding plants in four packs—presented for individual sale or more economically  by the flat.  Starting in mid April when we open out comes the Pansies, dianthus and alyssum to start the season off.  Followed by many varieties of marigolds, petunias, snapdragon, zinnias etc.

However the next category of specialty potted plants is where Kerns really excels! We offer a tremendous assortment of unique plants grown mostly in 4” pot.  Though there are some grown in 5” - Gal size containers as well. Pat searches every year for what is current in the industry and keeps up on all the new varieties from all the industry leaders.







The large line of Healthy, well labeled perennial plants offered at Kerns Nursery is one of our customers biggest draws.

They are presented in neat rows through out a large section of the property and are re-filled from the growing area down below where additional inventory is stored.  We carry somewhere between 500-600 varieties and present to the customer in clear, easy to read cards the vital information of the plants characteristics.









Vegetables at Kerns Nursery include a wide variety of the usual and unusual. The plants are grown in our greenhouses in packs or appropriate size pot  to give you an extra early boost in producing vegetables in your garden.  Just plant when the weather warms up and stays above freezing.  Kerns also offers seeds in the shop for those vegetables that grow better from direct seeding.






The herb selection includes healthy quality plants grown in pots and packs that are appropriate in size to give the customer a full size plant or enough quantity in a pack to produce a usable quantity of herbs.  You will also find combination baskets and pots with an assortment of herbs that makes using culinary herbs simple and easy if kept near the kitchen door.  These also make great gifts.



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