Kerns Nursery's 2021 season 

  • Welcome.  Please visit us at Kerns Nursery for the 2021 planting season.

     Featuring over 600 varieties of seasonal plants and over 700 perennial varieties. Along with trees and shrubs.  We have also expanded the quantity of vegetables and herb plants to meet the current demand.  Most everything is grown on the premises by local, knowledgeable employees.  So why go anywhere else to shop – you won’t find the variety or quality anywhere else based on their 40 plus years of experience in the industry.

    Landscaping?  Come on over and talk to Bob.   Remember this weekend!  Plant give-a-ways based on your purchase total. Check out details here, Facebook and Instagram at kernsnurserylandscapes.
    Also find a map to follow as
    there is a detour due to washed out road

  • In 2021, we have 623 Annual Plants, a record, for the first time ever over 600, many of which cannot be found elsewhere.  Click the link to see the complete list which you can examine for what you are looking for.

  • in 2021, we have a an absolute record of 711 Perennial plants including many hostas, the first time ever over 700 (last year  645 and 558 in 2019).  Again, many of these plants cannot be found elsewhere.

  • In 2021 we have 155 vegetables and 41 herb plants, more than any other year. Lots of tomatoes.

  •  Call us at 518-734-3543   We opened on April 8, the earliest in many years.

  • April 25 ... The road to Jewett from Rte 23A (Hunter-Lexington) has been washed out,  Please use alternate routes, as shown in our map. ... May 19, road still not reopened, but our customers are using the detours.
  • Each year, Pat Kerns starts the season with a letter to our customers.  Last year, it certainly was not happy,  2020 was good for gardening.  Here is this year's letter, much more hopeful, in a pretty image she designed, and right below.  Seasonal stock will begin coming as the weather improves, as usual.  Please read Pat's 2021 letter.  We hope to see you here in Jewett.


    Well time does pass. And, without going on too much about the virus, we now at least have the vaccine and hope that sometime soon, we can get back to a more relaxed and open lifestyle.

    Here at Kerns Nursery, we want to assure you that we will continue with our diligent, protocol as long as it is necessary.  Last year we took many steps to keep our customers, employees and ourselves, as safe as we could.  Fortunately, most of our business is located OUTSIDE- that’s great for everybody!  We limited the number of people in the shop as well as the one consumer friendly greenhouse.  We had well separated tables for checking out, and Plexiglas partitions at the counters.  We didn’t have to touch your credit cards and receipts, and you had sanitized pens to use.   Wagon handles were constantly cleaned with Lysol.  We also had a hand washing station at the front of the shop along with hand sanitizing solution.  And, if you wanted, you could call in an order and just “drive-thru” for a pick-up.  Things, seemed to work well.  Our customers cooperated and seemed satisfied with our safety measures.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, we were overwhelmed with the courtesy and cooperation given to us in response.  We thank you all! 

    All these procedures we will continue into 2021, as long as deemed necessary.  We still expect our customers to wear masks and request that they do so, as will our employees when engaging with each other.  We respect our staff’s judgment, and will stand by their reasonable assessment of space and safety.


    So, starting with all that, I am pleased to say that many new people discovered our beautiful mountain top nursery this past year.  Yes, we were fortunate that we were able to stay open for business in 2020.  People were literally forced to live a quieter life, in limited boundaries and to stay home with family.  One of the things they could do was come here because our facility is outside and visitors could enjoy shopping, and just walking around the nursery and the gardens.  People worked at improving their home lifestyle as a positive, aggressive step for literally staying happy.  Starting, or enlarging vegetable gardens, building perennials gardens, filling pots with bright cheerful annuals and enhancing landscapes with trees and shrubs all became a big factor in keeping people happier at home.  We learned you can’t stop people from going forward – to make the best of things – to continue to do the best that they can for their own mental health and their family’s welfare.


    We here at Kerns Nursery are doing OUR best this year to actually increase plant production as much as our facilities can hold.  Our 8 Greenhouses, most of which are turned over twice, are always stuffed to the brim with all we grow for you.  The nursery, itself presents over 700 varieties of perennial plants, over 600 bedding and potting annuals.  We grow 150 vegetable, 40+ herb varieties, and bring in area hardy, choice trees and shrubs. It is good for customers to know that the nursery itself has limited capacity so the bulk of our stock is housed in our lower landscape/growing lot that is closed to the public.  We restock our selling areas when necessary.  I personally work hard to portray every plant we grow with clear information cards that gives our visitors easy access to important knowledge.


    We are an independent business that employees many local people and we take pride in what we do, the health and quality of our plant materials, and our ability to give our customers the assistance that they need and trust, with 40 years of experience behind us.

    New this year? … Well, I guess it’s a bit here a bit there.  But most of all, it’s a better appreciation of the field of business we work in – the ability to grow plants that elevate the joy in everyone’s daily outlook and enhances better living.  Nature heals.

  • Gardening is the EXTREME FORM OF SOCIAL DISTANCING and during the Covid-19 pandemic it boomed.
     See a CBS Sunday Morning story with Martha Stewart, another story
    on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley and a Reuters story Home gardening blooms during coronavirus, then plant or expand your garden with expert advice from the Kerns Nursery!

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Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021


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Looking forward to seeing you,

Pat & Bob Kerns

Nursery View

Kerns Nursery

The Nursery started in 1987, but the Kerns’ have been involved in landscaping for over 30 years. Pat says “When we started the nursery we were so small it was ridiculously funny, and being off the main roads didn't help, but as word of mouth spread our business has continually gotten bigger and bigger.

We now have a large and very unique nursery, where the environment you shop in is like a well cared for garden – not a supermarket. More than that, we are a nursery for gardeners because the plant selection we offer makes it worth coming from a good distance away.

Prior to owning a nursery, I would have traveled to a place like this myself. We have regular customers from places like Albany, Cooperstown, Rhinebeck and Woodstock. Many second home owners buy not only for their Mt. Top house, but bring plants to their main residence down state New York as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania not to mention many summer tourists that pass by every year or so from all over the country.

It’s very inviting here. Beyond the typical expectations you normally find while plant shopping, here you’ll find the pleasant environment captivating and the help attentive and knowledgeable.


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