2020 Annuals

In 1981 Kerns Landscapes came into existence in Jewett, NY. With the need to have shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals more accessible on the mountain top to meet our customer's needs we began by keeping nursery stock at our home to use on our contracted jobs. Pat, after working at two local nurseries, had a love of plants and gardening and in 1987 we thought that starting our own nursery would be a good way to expand the business. There really was never a plan to grow as big as we've become. It just happened and now we produce over 500 perennial plants and over 500 varieties of bedding and specialty annuals, herbs and vegetables.

There are extended hours on Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June
Our hours our Monday thru Friday 10-5
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 10-4

The annual flower collection at Kerns Nursery is quite extensive.

It is basically divided into three categories:

First we grow all the bedding plants in four packs—presented for individual sale or more economically  by the flat.  Starting in mid April when we open out comes the Pansies, dianthus and alyssum to start the season off.  Followed by many varieties of marigolds, petunias, snapdragon, zinnias etc.,  etc.

However the next category of specialty potted plants is where Kerns really excels! 

Pat Kerns

We offer a tremendous assortment of unique plants grown mostly in 4” pot.  Though there are some grown in 5” - Gal size containers as well.  Pat searches every year for what is current in the industry and keeps up on all the new varieties from all the industry leaders.

Third we also create carefully crafted handing baskets and combination pots ready to sell.  We also plant many pots for customers using their own containers and our expertise.

Pictured right :  Pat Kerns at the California plant trials.  A good way to see what is new and what looks best first hand.  Pat and Bob also visited many nurseries where ever they go to see try and keep up with the latest trends.



Annual Photo




Over the last few years gardening with succulents has been a fast growing trend.  The maintenance level is so low with little water required and the results are unique and sculptural.   We had to offer our customers these choices at our nursery in Jewett.





We do realize the importance of great foliage plants in arrangements.  Annual Photo
They have become an integral part of our plant inventory, especially
for container gardening


At Kerns Nursery we carry all of the best of the best in flowering annuals and foliage plants including proven winners and varieties by the flower fields.  Our plugs are sent to us from many venders across the united states who are Proven Winnersconstantly working on creating hardier, better, and uniquely different varieties to present to the public.

This is where Kerns Nursery shines and is so different from other nurseries.




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