Annuals List 2022

In 1981 Kerns Landscapes came into existence in Jewett, NY. With the need to have shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals more accessible on the mountain top to meet our customer's needs we began by keeping nursery stock at our home to use on our contracted jobs. Pat, after working at two local nurseries, had a love of plants and gardening and in 1987 we thought that starting our own nursery would be a good way to expand the business. There really was never a plan to grow as big as we've become. It just happened and now in 2022 we produce for the first time ever, over 600 annual plants (actually 616) and specialty annuals. 

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    OPEN DAILY 9 - 5 AND 10 - 4 ON SUNDAYS
    There are extended hours on Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June


Our 2022 Annual List ...
... Annual plants for 2022

Proven WinnersAt Kerns Nursery we carry all of the best of the best in flowering annuals and foliage plants including proven winners and varieties by the flower fields. 

Our plugs are  sent to us from many vendors across the United States who are constantly working on creating hardier,  better,  and uniquely different varieties to present to the public.

This is where Kerns Nursery shines and is so different from other nurseries.

Please note that the list shows what we have at the beginning of the season.  Quantities may vary


Our daughter Sara joins us at a California Nursery enjoying a sculptural display of elephants!


Agapanthus silver moon
Ageratum Aloha Blue
Ageratum Artist Blue#
Ageratum Bumble Blue
Ageratum Horizon Blue
Alternanthera Little Ruby
Alyssum Clear Crystal Lavender
Alyssum Clear Crystal Purp Sh
Alyssum Clear Crystal White
Alyssum E Bonnet Pink Deep
Alyssum Wonderland Mix Mulbry
Anelonia Alonia Big Pink dark
Angelonia Angelface Blue imp
Angelonia Angelface Super White
Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue 
Angelonia Angelface White
Angelonia Archangel Purple Dark
Angelonia Archangel Raspberry
Angelonia Serena Blue
Angelonia Serena Mx Waterfall
Angelonia Serena White
Argyranthemum  Butterfly
Argyranthemum  Sassy Dbl Rose Deep
Argyranthemum Butterfly Golden
Argyranthemum Butterfly Vanilla
Argyranthemum Butterfly White
Argyranthemum Comet Red
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Bacopa Bahia Pink Halo
Bacopa Epic Pink Eye
Bacopa falls Big Blue dark
Bacopa Scopia Dbl Snowball
Bacopa Scopia Guliver Blue
Bacopa Scopia Guliver White
Bacopa Snowstorm Gt Snowflake
Beg Ambassador Mix
Beg Ambassador Pink
Beg Ambassador Rose
Beg Ambassador Scarlet
Beg Ambassador White
Beg Badda Bing Bi-color 
BEGONIA vegetive Large Potted:
Beg Dragon Wing Pink
Beg Dragon Wing Red
BegBOL groovy white
BegHM Betulia Pink Light
BegHM Betulia Red
BegHM Blitz
BegHM Dark Britt-orange
BegHM Move2 Joy Pink
BegHM Solenia apricot
BegHM Solenia Pink Dark
BegHM Solenia Pink Light
BegHM Solenia Scarlet
BegHM Solenia Vermillion red
BegHM Solenia Yellow
BegTUB Illumination Golden Picote
BegTUB Illumination Lemon
BegTUB Illumination Scarlet
BegTUB Nonstop Appleblosssom
BegTUB Nonstop Pink
BegTUB Nonstop Red
BegTUB Nonstop Rose Deep
BegTUB Nonstop Salmon Deep
BEGVEG Angelwing assortment
BegVEG Fragrant Falls Lemon
BegVEG Fragrant Falls Peach#
BegVEG I'Conia First Kiss#
BegVEG I'Conia Lemon Berry
BegVEG I'Conia Miss Malibu
BegVEG I'Conia Miss Montreal#
BegVEG I'Conia Portfno Sunrise
BegVEG I'Conia Upright Fire#
BegVEG Maculata
BegVEG Mistral Orange
BegVEG Mistral Pink
BegVEG Rex Jerassic Park Mixed
BegVEG Rise Up Grenadine Red
BegVEG Spring fling Pink Tulip
BegVEG Wtrfall Encanto Orange
Bidens Cupcake Banana Cream
Bidens Sundrop Compact Double Yellow
Brachyscome Brasco Violet#
Brachyscome Fresco Candy#
Brachyscome Fresco Purple#
Bracteantha Mohave Orange
Browallia Endless Ilumination
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Calendula Alpha  (orange)
Calendula Costa Mix
Calendula Costa Yellow
Calendula Ivory Princess
Calib Cabaret Blue Midnight
Calib Cabaret Lemon Yellow
Calib Cabaret Orange
Calib Cabaret Pink 
Calib Cabaret Red Bright
Calib Cabaret Yellow Deep
Calib Calitastc Ballerina#
Calib Calitastc Pumpkin Spice#
Calib Calitastic Red Dark#
Calib Callie Red dark
Calib Callie Rose
Calib Callie white
Calib cha Cha Blue Deep
Calib Million Bells Trailing White#
Calib Mini Famous Neon Blue
Calib MiniFamous Neo Dbl Pink#
Calib Superbells Blue#
Calib Superbells Coralina#
Calib Superbells Dblette Love Swept
Calib Superbells Dreamsicle
Calib Superbells Grape Punch
Calib Superbells Lemon Slice
Calib Superbells Over easy
Calib Superbells Pink 
Calib Superbells Plum
Calib Superbells Red
Calib Superbells Tangerine Punch
Calib Superbells White#
Calib Superbells Yellow#
Calib Terracotta
Calla Crystal Clear#
Calla Garnet Glow#
Calla Morning Sun
Calla Yellow Queen
Canna Cannova Mango
Celosia Celway terracotta and white
Cleome Sparkler Mix
Cleome Sparkler Rose
Cleome Sparkler white
Coleus Colorblaze Dipt in Wine
Coleus Colorblaze Velvetine
Coleus Colorblaze Wicked Witch
Coleus Henna
Coleus Inferno
Coleus Kingswood Torch
Coleus Main St.  Aligator Alley
Coleus Main St. Ocean Drive
Coleus Main St. Sunset Blvd
Coleus Main St. Yonge St.
Coleus Mariposa
COLOCASIA Distant Memory
COLOSASIA blue Hawaii
Cosmos Afternoon White
Cosmos Apollo Mix
Cosmos Lemonade
Cosmos Seashells
Cosmos Sensation Mix
Cosmos Sonata Carmine
Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush
Cosmos Sonata White
Cuphea Lavender Lace
Cuphea Vermillionarie#
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Dahl American Sunset
Dahl Babylon Red
Dahl Fleur Fleurel
Dahl French Cancan
Dahl Jocondo
Dahl Kelvin Floodlight
Dahl Manoa
Dahl Pink Runner
Dahl Preference
Dahl Sam Hopkins
Dahl Snowbound
Dahl Take Off
Dahl Thomas Edison
Dahl XXL Baja Sol
Dahl XXL cancun
Dahl XXL Ensenada
Dahl XXL Merida
Dahl Sincerity#
Dian Floral Lace Lilac
Dian Ideal Select Violet
Dian Rockin Red
Dian Rockin' Purple
Dian Telstar Salmon
Dian Telstar Scarlet
Dian. Jolt Pink
Dichondra Emerald Falls
Dichondra Silver Falls
Digiplexis illumination Flame 
DIPLADENIA - see mandevilla
Dracaena indivisa   SPIKES
Dusty Miller mar Silverdust
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Erysimum SunStrong Orange#
Erysimum SunStrong Purple Bicolor
Euphorbia Diamond Frost#
FERN Asparagus sper.
FERN Collection
FERN Neph exal Boston
FERN pellaea Button
Feverfew Tetra White Wonder
FO Bridal Veil
FO Clorophytum spider plant
FO Cordyline Red Sensation
FO Duranta erecta Gold Edge
FO Hedera helix Golden Ingot
FO Hedera helix Ralf
FO Hedera helix Teardrop
FO Muehlenbeckia wire vine
Fo Philadendron Birkin
FO Philadendron Congo
Fuchsia Dark eyes
Fuchsia Giant Purple Deep
Fuchsia La Campanella
Fuchsia Lena
Fuchsia Marinka
Fuchsia Southgate
Fuchsia Stand-Up Pink
Fuchsia Sunbeam Paloma
Fuchsia Swingtime
Fuchsia Uprt Blacky
Fuchsia Uprt Gartenmeister
Fuchsia Uprt Rio Grande
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Gaura Sparkle White
Gazania Big Kiss Orange Flame
Gazania New Day Red Shades
Ger NV Mrs Pollock
Ger NV Vancouver Centennial
GERANIUM various scented 
Ger S. Orange fizz
Ger S. Sweet Mimosa
GerIS Caldera pink
GerIS Caldera Salmon
GerIS Calliope Lg orange splash
GerIS Calliope Lg Pink
GerIS Calliope Lg Pink Hot#
GerIS Calliope Lg Red 
GerIS Calliope Lg Red dark
GerIS Calliope lg Salmon
GerIS Calliope lg WHITE
GerIS Calliope Med Crimson Flame
GerIS Calliope Med Dark Red
GerIS Calliope Med Violet
GerIS Calliope Med White
GerIV Cascade Appleblossom
GerIV Cascade Compact Acapulco
GerIV Cascade White#
GerIV Focus Burgundy
GerIV Focus Pink Hot
GerIV Ivy League Chry Blossom#
GerIV Ivy League Orchid
GerIV Ivy League Red#
GerIV Precision Pink Flamingo#
GerIV Precision Pink#
GERANIUM standard Zonal:
GerZN Americana Orchid#
GerZN Americana Pink#
GerZN Americana Salmon 
GerZN Americana White
GerZN Dynamo Orange#
GerZN Dynamo Salmon Dark
GerZN Dynamo Scarlet#
GerZN Fantasia Appleblossom
GerZN Fantasia Orange#
GerZN Fantasia Scarlet
GerZN Fantasia Shocking Blue
GerZN Fantasia White
GerZN Galaxy Salmon#
GerZN Moonlight Pink Eye
GerZn Patriot Evening Glow
GerZN Rocky Mountain lavender
GerZN Rocky Mountain Pink
GerZN Rocky Mountain Pink light
GerZN Rocky Mountain Red 
GerZN Rocky Mountain Red Dk
GerZN Rocky Mountain Violet
GerZN Rosalie Antique Salmon
GerZN Sunrise Orange
GerZN Sunrise Pink Light
GerZN SuperMoon Red
GerZN Tango Cherry Bi-Color
GerZN Tango Pink Deep
GerZN Tango Pink Ice
Gerbera Majorette Mix
Gerbera Patio Glorious collection
Gomphrena Ping Pong Lavender
GR Pennessetum Rubrum
GR Pennisetum seta Rubrum
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Helichr pet Licorice White
Heliotrope Marine plus seed
Heliotrope Marino Blue
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Coral Hot
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Coral Pink
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Orange Electric
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Pink Hot
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Purple
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Red
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp Rose Deep
ImpaEX Sunpatns Comp White
ImpaEX Sunpatns Vigorous Corona
ImpaEX Sunpatns Vigorous Orchid
ImpaEX Sunpatns Vigorous Red
ImpaEX Sunpatns Vigorous Shell Pink
ImpaIS Bounce White
ImpaNG Clockwork Appleblossom
ImpaNG Clockwork Lavender
ImpaNG Clockwork Purple
ImpaNG Clockwork Rose
ImpaNG Super Sonic Pink Pastel
ImpaNG Super Sonic Salmon 
ImpaSD Beacon Mix Formula 
ImpaSD Beacon Orange
ImpaSD Beacon Red Bright
ImpaSD Beacon Rose
ImpaSD Beacon Salmon
ImpaSD Beacon Violet Shades
ImpaSD Beacon White
ImpaSD dazzler Scarlet
ImpaSD Imara XDR Mix Rosy
ImpaSD Super Elfin XP Salmon Splash
ImpaSD Xtreme Mix Sapphire
ImpaSD Xtreme Pink
Ipomoea Blackie
Ipomoea Desana Bronze
Ipomoea Marguerite
Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight
Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green with Envy 
Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweet Heart Lime
Irisine Blazing Rose
Isotoma Fizz N Pop Violt Glow
Jamesbrittenia Safari Dawn
Lantana Banana Lemon Zest
Lantana Bandana Gold
Lantana Bandana Orange
Lantana Bandana Pink Imp.
Lantana Bandana Rose
Lantana Bandana White
Lantana Bandana Yellow
Lantana bandito Lemon Zest
Lantana bandito Rose
Lantana Hot Blooded Red#
Lantana Luscious Berry Blend
Lantana Purple falls
Lobelia Hot purple
Lobelia Hot water Blue
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue
Lobelia Laguna Ultraviolet
Lobelia Magadi Bskt Blue Dark
Lobelia Magadi Bskt Purple Dark
Lobelia Magadi Bskt white
Lobelia Techno Cobalt Blue
Lobelia Techno Heat Uprt White
Lobelia Techno Lg Blue Violet
Lobelia Techno Violet
LOBELIA Packs/flats
Lobelia Regatta Blue Sky
Lobelia Regatta Sapphire
Lobelia Regatta White
Lobelia Riviera blue eyes
Lobelia Riviera blue sky
Lobelia Riviera midnight blue
Lobularia easy Breezy white
Lobularia Snow Princess#
Lobularia Violet Knight
Lobularia White Knight
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Mandevilla (Dipladenia Mandina red deep
Mandevilla Toumaline Pink
MarAF Inca Primrose
MarAF Marvel Gold
MarAF Marvel Mix
MarFR Bonanza Bolero
MarFR Bonanza Gold
MarFR Bonanza MIX
MarFR Bonanza Orange Dp
MarFR Bonanza Yellow
MarFR Disco Mix
MarFR Disco Orange
MarFR Disco Red
MarFR Durango Flame
MarFR Durango Gold
MarFR Durango Mix
MarFR Durango Red
MarFR Durango Tangerine
MarFR Fireball
MarFR Happy Harmony
MarFR Hot Pak Gold
MarFR Hot Pak Harmony
MarFR Hot Pak Yellow
MarFR Janie Yellow Bright
MarFR Safari Scarlet
MarFR Van cream
Matricaria see Feverfew
MarFR Hot Pak Harmony
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Nasturtium baby Rose
Nasturtium Jewel Mix or trailing Mix
Nemesia Sunsation Lemon
Nicotiana Saratoga White
Orn Pepper Black pearl
Ornamental Kale in Sept only
Ornamental millet Purple Majesty fall only
Osteosp 4D Violet Ice
Osteosp 4D White
Osteosp 4D yellow
Osteosp Brt Lights Pink#
Osteosp Serenity Bronze
Osteosp Serenity Purple Dark
Osteosp Sunshine Beauty
Osteosp Zion Copper Amethyst#
Osteosp Zion Purple Sun#
Osteosp Zion Yellow Magic
Oxalis Charmed Wine
Oxalis Pink
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Pansy Delta Mix Tri-color
Pansy Delta Prem Blue True
Pansy Delta Prem Gold Blotch
Pansy Delta Prem Marina
Pansy Delta Prem Neon Violet
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Orange
Pansy Maj Giant Deep Blue Blotch
Pansy Maj Giant Mix Seabreeze - blotch
Pansy Maj Giant Purple Clear
Pansy Spring Matrix Pink Shades
Pansy TR Cool Wave berries n cream
Passiflora Aphrod Pur Nightie#
PETUNIAS in flats:
Pet Dreams Appleblossom
Pet Dreams Burgundy
Pet Dreams Midnight
Pet Dreams Mix Waterfall
Pet Dreams pink
Pet Dreams Red
Pet Dreams White
Petunia waves: 
Pet Easy Wave Berry Velour
Pet Easy Wave Blue
Pet Easy Wave Blue E3 
Pet Easy Wave Burgundy Velour
Pet Easy Wave Coral 
Pet Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue
Pet Easy Wave Pink Cosmo
Pet Easy Wave Red Velour
Pet Easy Wave Rose Fusion
Pet Easy Wave Violet
Pet Easy Wave White
Pet  Easy Wave Yellow
Pet Madness Blue vein
Pet Madness red Morn
Pet Wave Purple 
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Petunia VEGETIVE  Varieties:
PetVEG Bee's Knees
PetVEG Blanket Whte
PetVEG ColorBlitx Snowy White
PetVEG ColorBlitz Blue Stardust
PetVEG ColorBlitz Rose Stardust
PetVEG ColorBlitzPurple
PetVEG ColorRush Merlot Star impr
PetVEG ColorRush Watermelon Red
PetVEG Crazytunia Frisky Violet
PetVEG Crazytunia Night Watch
PetVEG Headliner Blueberry Swirl
PetVEG Hells Ember Red
PetVEG Hells Flamin' Rose
PetVEG Hells Glow
PetVEG Lime Light
PetVEG phantom
PetVEG Pinstripe
PetVeg Ray Black
PetVeg Ray Purple
PetVeg Ray Sunflower
PetVEG Sanguna Blue Impr.
PetVEG Sanguna Mango Punch
PetVEG Sanguna Mango Punch
PetVEG Supertn Bordeaux
PetVEG Suprtn Bermuda Beach#
PetVEG Suprtn Limoncello# *
PetVEG Suprtn Mini Vista Violet Star
PetVEG Suprtn Pink Giant
PetVEG Suprtn Really Red
PetVEG Suprtn Royal Magenta
PetVEG Suprtn Royal Velvet
PetVEG Suprtn Trailing Blue Vein
PetVEG Suprtn Trailing Rose Vein
PetVEG Suprtn Trailing Silver#
PetVEG Suprtn Vista Bubblegum
PetVEG Suprtn Vista Silverberry
PetVEG Surf Giant Blue
PetVEG Surf Heavenly Blue 
PetVEG Surf Lime
PetVEG Surf Purple Majesty
PetVEG Surf Red Deep
PetVEG Surf Sky Blue
PetVEG Surf Sumo Glacial Pink
PetVEG Surf Trailing Red
PetVEG Surf White
PetVEG Surf Wild Plum
PetVEG Surfina Yellow
PetVEG Surfina Zoom purple
Phlox 21st Century Blue
Phlox Intensia Blueberry
Plectranthus Velvet Elvis
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix Pink Passion
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix Tropical
Portulaca Pazzaz Fuchsia#
Portulaca Pazzaz Pink Deep#
Portulaca Pazzaz Red Flare#
Portulaca Pazzaz Tangerine#
Portulaca Pazzaz Vivid Yellow#
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ROSE PARADE Berna (pink)
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun
Salvia far Victoria Blue
Salvia far. Evolution Violet
Salvia far. Velocity Blue
salvia Hummingbird Falls
Salvia Mysty
Salvia Red Hot Sally II -
Salvia Rockin Blue Suede Shoes
Salvia Rockin Purple Deep#
Salvia Sallyfun Blue Emotion#
Salvia Sallyfun Pure White#
Salvia Sallyfun Sky Ocean
Salvia Sallyfun XL Blue
Salvia Saucy Coral
Salvia Saucy Red
Salvia Unplugged Pink
SalviaSP guar Black & Blue
SalviaSP guar Purple & Bloom#
Sanvitalia Sunbini#
Scaevola Bombay Compact Blue dark
Scaevola Bombay Pink
Scaevola Bombay Yellow
Scaevola Brilliant
Scaevola Fairy white
Scaevola Suntastic Yellow Imp.
Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet
Scaevola Topaz Pink Imp.
Senecio Silver Gleam
Snapdragon Rocket Mix
Snapdragon Rocket Red
Snapdragon Rocket Rose
Snapdragon Rocket white
Snapdragon Snapshot Plum Blossom
Sunflower Autumn Beauty
Sunflower Big Smile  6"pots only
Sunflower Holiday
Sunflower Lemonjade
Sunflower Mammoth
Sunflower Pro-Cut Gold Lite
Sunflower Pro-Cut Orange
Sunflower Pro-Cut Red
Sunflower Pro-Cut White
Sunflower Red Hedge
Sunflower Sonja
Sunflower Sunburst - Greenburst
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Tithonia Torch
Torenia Summer Wave Blue Large 
Torenia Summer Wave Bouquet Gold
Torenia Summer Wave Violet Large 
Torinia Moon Purple
Tradescantia Zebra Strp Coll
VerbeSP bonariensis
VerbeVEG  lanai Blue
VerbeVEG  lanai green Apple
VerbeVEG  lanai Lilac
VerbeVEG Cake Pops Pink
VerbeVEG Empress Florencia Violet Blue
VerbeVEG EnduraScape Magenta
VerbeVEG EnduraScape Pink Bi-color
VerbeVEG EnduraScape Pink Fizz
VerbeVEG EnduraScape White
VerbeVEG Firehouse Purple
VerbeVEG Lanai Bright Eye#
VerbeVEG Lanai Early dark Red
VerbeVEG Lanai Magenta
VerbeVEG Lanai Peach
VerbeVEG Lanai Purple Deep
VerbeVEG Lanai Twister pink
VerbeVEG Lanai Twister Red
VerbeVEG Lanai Twstr Up Wtrcl#
VerbeVEG Lanai Uprt Pink Eye#
VerbeVEG Lanai Uprt True Blue#
VerbeVEG Lascar Mango Orange#
VerbeVEG Superbena Red#
VerbeVEG Superbena Royal Chambray
VerbeVEG Superbena Royal Plum Wine
VerbeVEG Superbena Stormburst
VerbeVEG Superbena Violet Ice
VerbeVEG Superbena Whiteout
VerbeVEG Suprbna Imperial Bl#
VerbeVEG Suprbna Sparkling Amethyst Impr.
VerbeVEG Suprbna Spk Rose#
Vinca major Maculata
Vinca major Variegata
Vinca major wojo's Gem
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Viola Penny Azure Dawn
Viola Penny Mix winter
Viola Penny Primrose Picote
Viola Penny Violet Face
Viola Penny Yellow Blotch
Viola Sorbet Black Delight
Viola Sorbet XP Blue Blch
Zinnia Beanery Giant Purple
Zinnia Benary Giant Lilac
Zinnia Benary Giant Lime
Zinnia Benary Giant Mix
Zinnia Benary Giant Orange
Zinnia Benery Giant Carmin Rose
Zinnia Cactus Flower Mix
Zinnia Cut & Come Again
Zinnia Dreamland Mix
Zinnia Giant  Scarlet
Zinnia Giant Coral
Zinnia Giant Golden Yellow
Zinnia Oklahoma Carmine
Zinnia Oklahoma Mix
Zinnia Oklahoma Pink
Zinnia Oklahoma Scarlet
Zinnia Oklahoma White
Zinnia Preciosa Mix Premium
Zinnia Preciosa Mix Trop Blnd
Zinnia Preciosa Pink
Zinnia Zahara   dbl Cherry
Zinnia Zahara Dbl Fire
Zinnia Zahara Dbl Orange Brt
Zinnia Zahara Dbl White
Zinnia Zahara Dbl Yellow
Zinnia Zahara DblSalmon
Zinnia Zesty Purple
Zinnia Zesty Scarlet
Zinnia Zesty White
Zinnia Zesty Yellow
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