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As part of garden projects, many people like to build a patio, near the house, or in the middle of the garden.  We have built many.  Here are a few examples ...
A walkway leads to a shaded patio area next to the Colby House.   Click to see more of this project.
A patio at our own house, with snoes and ground cover in between   Click to see more of this project.

Whether you have an old-fashioned garned, or a contemporary design, you will want to install walkways ...  Many people visit our gardens during the season just as tourist destination ... to relax, picnic, get some gardening ideas, and enjoy our spectacular scenery.  We hope to see you, too. Visit our Specialty Gardens page to learn more about how we at Kerns approach landscaping projects
Visit some of the landscaping pages on our site to get ideas and visit us to discuss your plans.

Go to other Kerns Landscaping Features: our Hilltop project, a Hillside project, our work at the Boyle and Manuel houses, new pages showcasing our exciting projects on the Bruno house, the Ciampa house and a new Project Sampler highlighting several different landscapes.

Here's a patio under construction ... click to see more photos.

Here's an example of a patio under construction at the Bruno House in Windham ...
Another patio project finished.  Some are under the house, some next to it, some in the middle of the garden or on a wooded area.  Click to see more photos.

... and the finished job.  Click on the photos to see this project in detail.
Last updated 03 May, 2019

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