Kerns Landscaping Feature - Bruno House ... in more detail

Our landscaping business continues to grow.  We are doing a lot of work with home owners on the Catskills Mountaintop.  
Here we showcase a big project on the Bruno house overlooking Ski Windham and Hunter Mountain.  This and other Kerns Landscaping Features show you examples and explain fresh new landscaping ideas that we employ when we approach a new project.  In this one, we started afresh, on a "Greenfield" site, actually when you see the photos, it more of a "brown field" site when we started, and ended up with beautifully lansdscaped gardens, typically Catskill stone walls and terraces, a pond, mature trees, a fire pit, walkways and stairs.  

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You may find the ideas useful and adaptable to your own setting.   We have an experienced team at Kerns and would be very happy to discuss ideas about a project for you.

Here is the house before Kerns Nursery landscaping.

Bruno House project:   This large work combined our rock and staircase design with retaining walls made of typical Catskill mountain stone, along with many tall trees, rock gardens, a fire pit and flower beds.   Here is the house before Kerns landscaping.  Views of Ski Windham and Hunter Mountain in the background.
This is the finished landscaping job.  We enjoyed working on the Bruno house project.

Kerns Landscaping project completed !

Bruno House project:   This project called for large amount of stonework in an open setting with stunning views.  Click on the small images to go to a second page with large photos of our work on the Bruno house project.

Here we are just getting started on the patio area ...

Here are two more "before" and "after" photos of our landscaping work.

Bruno hous after Kerns landscaped it.

We also constructed a new fire pit

Large stones were brought to the project and used in several locations

We used a lot of flat slab Catskill stone on the project.

Here we are laying down a walkway ... and the finished walkway below 
Front of the house with new walkway and landscaped gardens
The project called for many trees, bushes, rock garden plants and flower beds. 

One part of the Bruno house project

Toward the end of the project, we laid down sod around the house and along the walkways and flower beds

Here, just-laid sod, competing the project, above during the work and below, finished
Photo of part of the completed landscaping project

This photo shows us planting some tall trees, and newly constructed the stone walls

We had to use some machinery for the project ...

View of part of the project, from the new stone fire pit
Working to construct the stone stairway

Part of the landscaping project included building stone steps, above, viewed from the top and below, from the bottom

Here we are inspecting the job in progress on the stone stairs

... and here, the work is finished.  We really enjoyed working on this project. 

Click on any image to see the other page of photos of this large landscaping project.

Click on any of the photos to see the second page of this large landscaping job.  

For your new landscaping project, we will draw on the wide resources of the Kerns Nursery, and on a wide network of suppliers.  All plants and materials that we will use in your project will be suited to the Catskills climate and soils.

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Bruno house before we started
Before ... 

... and here, the patio area completed, with flower beds facing the fire pit and the pond
... and after 

Before ... 

... and after 

We used a lot of Catskills stone for walkways and patios ... click to go to the page of more large photos ...
Stone walkways

The Bruno house project called for many retaining walls made of Catskills mountain stone and major earthworks for terraces above the walls and walkways below

Before ... 

Kerns Nursery landscaping a big project ...
... during ... 

Project finished ... here's the Bruno house front landscaped
... and after Kerns Nursery landscaping.



Newly laid stone stairs from bottom ...

... and from the top

... the project finished.  Click any any small photo to see larger images.

Kerns Nursery solution:  We may be able to come up with a good solution to your landscaping project.  Give us a call and schedule a consultation!

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