Kerns Nursery's FALL 2021 season 

  • Here, as the Autumn Season approaches and summer comes to an end, it's time to rejuvenate your home environment by refreshing your landscape and gardens. It's time for a change-up! Kerns Nursery now has in stock plenty of Fall Mums, ornamental cabbage, Kale, peppers and other appropriate plants for current seasonal plantings.  AND, for the first time, for Kerns Nursery's PERENNIAL plant sale will begin before Labor Day weekend!  Starting Friday August 27th, all perennial plants are discounted 20% for the rest of the year.  Great prices for super quality plants - so start planning some garden extensions & additions for a more flowerful future.  Note that trees and shrubs will also be discounted through the end of October. Kerns Garden shop also offers some unique and interesting gifts. Gardens are still at their prime, so bring visiting guests and take a stroll around, and enjoy.  Open daily.
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  • In 2021, we had 623 Annual Plants, a record, and 711 Perennial plants, which are now on sale 20% OFF for the rest of the year, plus 155 vegetables and 41 herb plants.

  • Greeting cards 2001

    In 2001, Pat Kerns created a series of 30 blank greeting cards.  They are 5x7 and are blank inside.  She took the photos here at the Nursery and rendered them on Photoshop to make them more interesting than just a photo.

    Minimum order is 4 cards. Cards are $3.50 each w/envelopes and are cellophane wrapped, unless 10 or more are ordered, where they are boxed together, making an excellent gift.  All cards cen also be purchased individually whn the shop is open at the Nursery.  Under 10 cards, Shipping is $6, over 10 FREE SHIPPING.

    CLICK TO SEE CARDS  Here are two examples.  Click on the sample to see all 28 cards.

    Click to see all 28 cards Click to see all 28 cards

  • Gardening is the EXTREME FORM OF SOCIAL DISTANCING and during the Covid-19 pandemic it boomed.
     See a CBS Sunday Morning story with Martha Stewart, another story
    on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley and a Reuters story Home gardening blooms during coronavirus, then plant or expand your garden with expert advice from the Kerns Nursery!

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Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021
Kerns Nursery in the summer of 2021


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Looking forward to seeing you,

Pat & Bob Kerns

Nursery View

Kerns Nursery

The Nursery started in 1987, but the Kerns’ have been involved in landscaping for over 30 years. Pat says “When we started the nursery we were so small it was ridiculously funny, and being off the main roads didn't help, but as word of mouth spread our business has continually gotten bigger and bigger.

We now have a large and very unique nursery, where the environment you shop in is like a well cared for garden – not a supermarket. More than that, we are a nursery for gardeners because the plant selection we offer makes it worth coming from a good distance away.

Prior to owning a nursery, I would have traveled to a place like this myself. We have regular customers from places like Albany, Cooperstown, Rhinebeck and Woodstock. Many second home owners buy not only for their Mt. Top house, but bring plants to their main residence down state New York as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania not to mention many summer tourists that pass by every year or so from all over the country.

It’s very inviting here. Beyond the typical expectations you normally find while plant shopping, here you’ll find the pleasant environment captivating and the help attentive and knowledgeable.


Nursery Map 
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